About Cedar House

Our clients tell us that there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Cedar House and it is our aim to make all our visitors feel accepted, respected and at home. Our building is neither posh nor clinical – but people seem to like it that way!

Our team of dedicated counsellors, both men and women, are all volunteers and are trained to professional standards, many with years of experience. Cedar House also is a counselling placement provider for many of the local Universities and Colleges. All our volunteers and staff are caring and committed to the important work of helping people get to grips with difficult areas of their lives.

Our clients come to us in different ways – referred by a GP, hospital department, domestic violence agency, recommended by a friend etc. They come due to many life-restricting problems such as depression, anxiety, terminations, miscarriages, bereavements or if they are victims of abuse.

Cedar House has grown out of the local Christian community and aims to provide a relevant, accessible and quality service to the people of Preston, available to all and without discrimination.

With this in mind, we do not charge for the counselling service we offer, but we do request donations from those who are able. Any donation, however large or small will help us to continue offering our much needed service.